Sunday, November 24, 2013

PL Week 45


The surgery was supposed to take 4.5-6 hours so when we were called to the consultation room to talk to the Doctor after just 3 hours we were a bit scared. But he had great news and said things went so very well. Her ear was very favorable for this procedure.

She and I stayed the night in the hospital. She threw up until about 8 PM and then it was all smiles and happiness. She got vanilla ice cream when ever she asked for it!  The IV was a bit of an issue for her, she wanted it off but handled it ok. I got very little sleep with all the activity of the hospital but I am very grateful that she is doing so well.


A lot seems to happen while I am away. CJ had much to tell me about her stay at the Fitzy’s  and at school. MJ took a run with Ruby and tripped which cracked her Iphone screen. Wow, I think my 4 hour nap was just not long enough…….


Syd is just a bit off her normal schedule. She will be off school all this week and with the meds she has to take every 8 hours her sleep is getting interrupted often. Tonight she refuse to go to sleep when CJ did but fell asleep soon after cuddled with me on the couch. But she recovering well as far I can tell.


The furniture arrived today. This is the only picture I took of it, I do not like them. Reclining sofa just don’t look good floating in the room. I am the only one in the house that does not LOVE them though. I don’t know what I am going to do, these were the only ones that we could agree on…..


This is what things look like 4 days post-op. She has only complain when I have had to change the cotton ball and band-aid on her ear and comb her hair. Man, what ever they got in her hair during surgery turned very stiff, not easy to comb through.


Finally got to sew today. Working on the girls Holiday dresses. Figured I better start now in case Etsy orders come in fast and furious in the next few weeks. Syd helped me pick the fabric so they will be pink, of course.


CJ earned a free kids meal at Applebee’s for her hard work at school. We took her alone as a special treat for lunch before we left for the hotel. Syd has a post-op procedure tomorrow. CJ was tickled pink with the chance to got out with  mom and dad.

We left a bit early so we could stop at an Art Van on the way to see the grey set that I really wanted online. Hubby has agreed to go without reclining to make me happy. {Good man}

Novi had the set I liked and they were able to exchange them, no problem. They will arrive next Tuesday!

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