Sunday, November 24, 2013

PL Week 44


Not sure why but the girls have been opting to sleep on their floor rather than their bed the last few nights. Maybe I need to get on with finishing their twin beds that I started last month….


Happy Birthday Hubby!

He spent the day in G-town getting his building permits {minus 1} taken care of. That has been a long time coming and made him very happy.

I spent the day doing the normal kid stuff and sewing a special project. We got to spend the evening together… well if you consider him sitting at his desk on his Ipad while I sewed on the other side of the room. Life is BUSY!


JD is making up to Syd by reading her bedtime story.

While I sewed like a maniac upstairs the kids were playing downstairs. I thought they were playing good but then JD started messing with MJ and suddenly Syd was screaming.

Apparently she threw a shoe at JD to protect MJ and he threw it back. It hit her in the ear. I think it hurt her feelings more than her ear thankfully. He was very sorry, but she made him work to earn her forgiveness. He also got a lecture from me about how this type of thing cannot happen after she has her surgery next week.


My special sewing project…. Minnie mouse skirt for Heather and her co-worker. What fun!

2013-10-31 09.28.42 HDR

They looked very adorable!



Happy warm and wet Halloween! I can’t remember a warmer Halloween. The girls get to go out without coats this year. Maybe all my sewing will not be lost then. Princess dresses don’t look quite right hiding under winter coats. By the end of the night we were all wet, but not cold so I call this a good Halloween.


A last minute decision to shop for furniture in a very packed weekend. Art Van is have a great sale. We did not buy the BIG square puff they called a chair but Hubby did love it.

I did some internet shopping and found a grey set that I really love but the closest Art Van that has it is in Novi. I cannot buy furniture without seeing in person. We settled on reclining loveseat and sofa {the ones you can see in the top left corner of the photo but in dark brown not cream}


STATES!!! This was his big goal this year and he accomplished it!

It was a cold and wet and muddy day. He did not PR but finished with a great time for his first time at States with such fast runners. He placed 57th with a time of 16:25.6! We are very proud of him.

Quote from Midland Daily News article “They both ran well,” Chemics’ coach Marty Hollenbeck said of Smith and Greer. “It was their first time (at the finals) and it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s a different environment than they’re used to running in. The terrain today was very muddy. Those two things were a bit of a detriment, but they both ran close to their (personal records) and so I was pleased with both of them.”


This is bit overwhelming for me. We are at the hotel in Ann Arbor, tomorrow Syd will have surgery on her right ear. They will create a canal and a eardrum. She will have skin removed from her thigh for the ear canal. All a bit nerve racking for a parent.

The part that seems to overwhelm me most:  After tomorrow she will very likely be able to hear so much better, maybe not right away but once the packing is removed. That just brings tears to my eyes that my babies’ life will change for the better {not to put any pressure on the doctors or anything}

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