Friday, November 22, 2013

PL Week 43


Got my hair highlighted and trimmed today and made myself a dress. But I did not do the laundry nor load the dishwasher! Just had some ME time.

CJ was helping with the photography on the dress she thought I should dance but I decided to just smile big, which made her happy.

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Our dishwasher of just 3 mere years is done. It is falling apart and the seal keeps falling off making it leak. {Never buy a Frigidaire dishwasher they are rated very low by Consumer reports, too bad I did not listen to my mother on this}

The new shiny one is LG and very pretty. I picked it up at Lowe’s while Hubby ran and we installed it this evening {until 11 pm}. 



I picked CJ up from school early this afternoon. Her teacher walked her down to me and told me

“I just had to walk her down because I wanted to talk with you. Never in my 22 years of teaching have I seen a child suddenly get it like Chloe has. Last week is was just like a switch had been flipped and she stopped chatting and has been the first one done with assignments, has moved up to reading level 10, which is above grade level and no longer requires Diebel’s testing. I just wanted to let you how very proud of her I am”

WOW we are so very proud of her too!


JD is going to STATES! It was a slower than a normal race. No PR’s were ran but he came in 3rd with a 16:18.14. It was a battle at the end but he pulled it off.


Quote from The Midland Dailey News article

“With 400 meters left, he was in 10th place, but he came back with a great kick at the end,” said Hollenbeck of Greer.


10262013 extra

Today We also attended the annual Rabidue Halloween party.  The “boys” where Kiss and the ladies were just Rock stars.

10262013 4x4

Forgive the eyes, we took many  group photos and this was the bestSad smile I made my dress so it would be longer than any I found on the internet. This one turned out shorter than planned but it was still about 3 inches longer than the Ginger Spice costumes I could find!


We had pumpkin carving at Grammie’s this afternoon and visiting with Grandma G to do. We played in pumpkin insides and ate yummy chili and cookies.  The girls were thrilled with the Princess costumes, I will have to keep that pattern.

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