Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PL Week 42

Another big meet day for JD. We were back at the Genessee County Fairgrounds this afternoon. JD’s goal this season the be in the 15’s and today he did it! He got a 2nd place finish with 15:56.17. He was very very pleased!
Quote from the Midland Daily News article:
  “It’s the first time that Greer, a junior, made first team all-league.
  “To be down in the 15s is a big thing. You’re legit there,” said Hollenbeck, whose boys’ team finished fourth overall in the valley. “He ran a great race against good competition.””
Syd had a field trip to a pumpkin farm this afternoon. It was cold and rainy so we did not stay very long but she did get to feed goats and  pet baby chickens and a donkey. The train ride was her favorite though.
2013-10-18 18.39.29
My version of the Dottie and Dorothy bags. Patterns from Swoon Patterns.
I made these for Syd to pack her stuff in for her hospital stay coming up in a few weeks. I wanted them very girly just like her. I think I need to make more for her sister as well.
Hauling the big stuff out of 1820 today. There is a lot of little things and just few big items that we needed a trailer to move. Now just to find space in our overcrowded garage for them.
Another beautiful weekend and another reason the play outside. This time dad had them drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.
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