Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PL Week 41


I finally replaced my camera. Every since my camera fell face down on the lens, even after it was repaired, it was just never the same. It was a year and a half ago and I have noticed a steady decline in the quantity and the quality of the photos I take.

I was hesitant because the next logical step up was a DSLR but I don’t think my photography skills are up to par for a DSLR. But I just knew that I needed a new camera if I was going to get scrapbook worthy shots because my Iphone was good but not as good as I wanted.

After consulting/grilling my brother, my mother, the internet and the Best Buy guy. I chose the Canon T3i.


I played with my camera while CJ was in dance. I was sitting in the top row of the auditorium taking photos of everything including the floor but CJ was far more interesting to look at.


CJ begged me to put the bats up. I have been in a blah mood lately, lots of stress. Syd’s surgery is less than a month away now and the kid’s schedules have me running myself in circles. So today I took a hour and put the bats up to make a girl happy. Good idea CJ.


Tonight I caught JD watching YouTube videos about tying fancier than normal tie knots. The boy is growing up so fast!


Homecoming: MJ went with her group of friends and JD took DJ. The girls all looked very beautiful and JD was so handsome. It is hard to believe I have 2 old enough for this.

There was also a very big meet today. It was the Midland County meet. JD has been looking forward to this meet all season. It was he last chance to more up on the top ten home course record board. The first race this year had him at 8th fastest time.

JD finished 2nd place with a 16:11.39! It places him, we think, at 3 or 4 on the top ten board!

Midland Daily News Article


Today the girls were fairies fighting wrong doers. This photo was taken just before they went out to play in the yard with Hubby. They ran and jumped and saved the world today all in purple and pink wings.

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