Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Fleet Feet runs the Monday Mile every Monday. It takes place at Stratford Woods and is the same first mile as JD an MJ’s XC meets that are held here.  CJ is running between 9:50 and 10:30 mile pace so far. Her coach thinks she going to be quite a runner.


CJ is also doing tap and ballet as well as running right now. She likes to chat away and tell the dance teacher many stories while in class so I am not sure she is learning much but she is having fun so far.




We put the girls to bed and snuggled down to watch a TV show like normal. When I looked up to turn the TV on, 3 Barbies were staring back at me. It made me chuckle, Syd has a penchant for lining up her toys.


All three kids ran today. The course was wet and it slowed them down a bit. JD took second with a 16:30 losing to a past Fleet Feet buddy that attends the rival school. MJ ran a 32:20, she has been having foot pains on and off. 

Today was the first time Hubby got to watch CJ run in a race. She was awesome and very determined. She fell just before the finish but popped right back up and finished 77th, just outside the metal winnings.

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