Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PL Week 39


Hubby arrive home safe and sound at 7am. The only thing to greet him was this sign. Most of us were still in bed.


Another Meet this time at Gennesse County Fair grounds. MJ ran a 30:38 for a PR. She was not happy at all with her time but she PR’d so that should make it all better.

JD ran great, he was 1st overall with a new PR of 16:15.45! He ran a smart race and felt good about it. Midland Daily News article quote

“The Chemics’ Jacob Greer won the race in a personal-record time of 16:15 after placing second at the first league meet. It’s his second victory in four days after winning the Al Kayner two-mile Delta Invitational on Saturday.

“We’re only about a third of the way through the season, and his times are very competitive in the state right now,” said Hollenbeck. “On the boys’ side, the gap between our number-two runner and our number-five runner is like 19 seconds. That’s outstanding; we’re bunching up and running really well.”


CJ has to read every night now that she is in 1st grade. She has 2 books that she reads first to her teachers and then again to us. Coincidently Syd’s Head Start teacher requires her to be read to for at least 20 minutes everyday. It is a win win for all.   


A special order came in so between running to get Syd and dropping her off again I sew like a mad women. I am learning to make good use of small amounts of time this school year…. most days anyway.


The girls were taking turns hamming it up in dad’s Mancation souvenir hat. 


Another weekend meet, do you get the sense that our fall is all about running?

Jake was the overall winner with 16:35.15. He ran a very smart race. He is have a great season. Megan ran a 30:44. She has been working hard to get another PR but this was not the day. We are so very proud of them both.

Quote from the Midland Daily News article: “He’s on a roll right now,” Midland coach Marty Hollenbeck said of Greer. “He’s not letting it get to his head. He sets a goal before each race and works hard to achieve it. He’s a smart and intense runner ... that’s a nice combination.”


Hubby tries hard to make sure the girls get to play outside as often as possible. They all enjoy the time they spend out there, including Hubby, he gets such a kick from the joy these girls exude.

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