Friday, September 27, 2013

PL Week 37


This week Syd gets to start young 5’s! She has morning Head Start at ESA and afternoon Young 5’s At the church. We have an hour in between for lunch. Today she is patiently waiting in the van to go in. We will have to figure out what we can get done in this hour besides eat lunch; this waiting business will get old for her real quick.


Fleet Feet practice was a City Forest this evening. Syd joined us and did the stretch out with the team. Little Man also join in.


We watched the Balloons take off from the baseball fields instead of the fairgrounds this year. Little man got to see planes coming and going which excited him as much as the balloons did. This might have to be our spot next year as well, it was easy in and out and we did not have to stare into the sun to watch.


Today was the Holly meet. Jake finished in the top ten at 6th place with a 16:30. He got a cool top ten shirt. He finished a full minute behind the leader!  He was not the happiest at the finish line, he thought he could do better.

His coach was pleased though. Midland Daily News article quote “(Those times) were big for us,” Hollenbeck said of Pasche and Rocha. “Jake (Greer) was really solid in that sixth position; being in the top 10 (at this race) is something.”


Another peek at Halloween costumes, this one is Syd’s. Just hand stitching a couple hooks and eyes to finish it off.

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