Friday, September 27, 2013

PL Week 36


Today all 4 of the kids ran a race. Syd running was not planned and was totally a spur of the moment thing. CJ and Syd ran a fun run and both received metals. They are so proud of those metals!

JD and MJ ran a 5k. MJ’s first 5k! JD was the overall male winner with 17:05. He won a glass bowl etched with the race details, it even came with white gloves for handling the bowl! MJ ran a 29:49. She was struggling but when she laid eyes on on the clock she kicked it in and finished under 30 minutes! Not a bad start for September. Race results


“Happy Dance” time! We all survived the first day of school. JD drove himself and MJ to school. Hubby and I had to divide and conquer, he took CJ and I took Syd. Their schools start about the same time and are across town from each other.

Syd was  little lost in the afternoon, she missed CJ.  Next week Syd will start young 5’s in the afternoon and will have no time to miss anyone.


This day has been a long time coming! Syd is in dance! This is a trial run to see if she if she can handle dance class. She was so very excited and ready to do her own thing that the teacher had a hard time focusing her. Got my fingers crossed that this will work out, she so wants to dance.


We have made a decision on Syd’s future. We met with the surgeon today at Mott’s and scheduled surgery for the beginning of December.

What we decided on is a reconstructive surgery to create a complete ear canal with skin grafted from her thigh and to have an eardrum created. The right ear will be first, with the left ear to be completed before next September; assuming all goes well with the first surgery.

The doctor thinks she is a great candidate for this and she will most likely have mild to moderate hearing loss after the surgeries. She will likely have to wear a hearing aid. That may not sound like a great outcome, but the hearing aids would give her better sound quality and directionality than the BAHA she currently uses.  We feel this is the best opportunity for her to have as close to normal hearing as possible.


The girls have discovered that they can watch TV through the Hulu app on the IPad. They get around the app better than I do. Right now Martha Speaks if their favorite.


And it begins…. The crazy fall schedule! The XC meet included a k-6th grade race. CJ’s first official Fleet feet run, she ran 1.5 miles in 15:02! She loved it!

Megan ran a 31:08 with an awesome kick at the end. JD came in second overall with a PR of 16:21. It was the 8th fastest time on the home course and JD now has his name on the top ten board that hangs in the gym. Midland Daily News article quote “(Greer) had a personal record and did well today,” Chemics’ coach Marty Hollenbeck said. “He’s already an elite runner, so to be there already was very impressive.”



I have started sewing Halloween costumes. This is a peek at mine in progress.

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