Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL Week 34



CJ got new running shoes and she was eager to try them out. JD took her on the cool down run at the evening practice. She was in her glory! With the two older kids in XC it means that the girls come to all the things I do and that means the after-workout stretches include 2 more!


I got my business cards in, Staples was running a sale. I got 500 for the price on 250. I wanted eye catching but simple. I think that what I got.


My girlfriend gave me a challenge via facebook


“Melinda, how do u make this????”

After a bit of searching I think I figured it out but to two people in my house that earned race bibs were not interested in a tote bag so I had to try my theory on a cinch sack for JD. He is thrilled and so was my friend and she asked me to make her a tote bag. I am thrilled with the challenge and can’t wait to start.


We had the Fitzy kids overnight. Little Man went out with us after Little Lady was sleeping {MJ stayed home to babysit.} He was getting tired and getting silly. I turned around and he was chewing on his foot! Crazy kid. Lu stayed up late to finished her first bracelet made with her early birthday gift, the Rainbow Loom. She needs to open her own Etsy store!


Another weekend, another race…or so it seems.  This picture is of JD, Hubby, and Uncle Michael at the 2013 North Country Run in Wellston, MI.  All 3 Team Super Syd’ers ran the Half Marathon trail race.

The highlight of this race was JD taking 3rd place overall with a time of 1:31.  This is a really good half marathon time, especially considering the race was on the trails, JD had never run there before, and there are a lot of hills (160 floors of just the climbing; according to Hubby’s Fit Bit).  If JD runs this race again, he should be able to improve on his time and possibly challenge to win.


The afternoon was great weather to hang out at Higgins Lake State park. Everyone but Grampy got in the water at some point and no one, to my knowledge, got sun burned!

The BEST part was when we left Syd did not fuss {scream bloody murder while we  carry her to the van like we were kidnapping her}. I was dreading this part all day but thankfully life with Syd is getting easier because she is able to communicate more and more all the time. {Thank you ESA}


Taken from Hubby’s Facebook post: Fantasy football draft today for Roddy's league. My normal partner in crime, Tate has to work so I was going to be drafting solo. Chloe offered to help (and she wants to hang out in Dad's home office) so we're getting her up to speed on the latest FF rankings
We'll see how our draft turns out, Tate may not want me as his partner next year...

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