Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL Week 33


Over the weekend Syd took a tumble while we were on a walk. She skinned her elbow, knee and upper lip. This morning when she got up and got dressed I pulled her hair back in pony tail. She go real close the mirror and inspected herself, I assumed she was looking at her upper lip and the swollen scrape. But nope, she turned to me and said “I look pretty.”! What an angel! Even with a sore swollen lip she was happy with what she saw in the mirror. A great lesson for everyone.


My solution to my customers request for Minnie Mouse sippy leashes, the girlier the better.  She was pleased as was I. This was my 10th sale!


There are not many words for this photo. I found it in Dropbox and am a bit mortified at the location of the photo but it made me laugh at the same time. He is a total dork.


Day 2 of the garage sale and we have retorted to displaying the cuteness of Little Lady to drum up sales. Day 2 is always more slow than day one but I just can’t stop myself  from running it 2 days.


This is a picture from the Panda Bear Night Run.  The race took place starting at 9 pm on a rail trail in Alma.  Team Super Syd was well represented with Hubby, Uncle Michael, and family friend Steve all racing in their bright orange shirts.

Everyone did well in their racing.  Hubby was happy with his results; a new personal record of 1:38 for just under 13 miles (course was a little short of the 13.1).  This was an improvement of just over 5 minutes from his previous best for this distance.


We found out this week that CJ is old enough to join Fleet Feet. It is a local track club for youth 6-18. She is so excited that she will be running races like her brother and dad that she wanted to practice tonight. This is going to be a busy busy fall for us!

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