Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL Week 32

XC camp has started! This year MJ has joined the team and this will be a lot of runner for her this week!It is strange having both the older kids gone but the girls and I are managing.
This is not staged to look like an awful before shot this is exactly how JD left his room when he left for camp. This is how his room has looked for the last 6 months to a year. He does have a dresser in there but it does not have stitch of clothing in it! I took this photo because JD’s girlfriend, DJ is coming today to take care of it. She can’t stand it anymore and has been telling him since April that while he is at camp she is comin over to fix the mess. {She is a little clean freak}. She spent 4 hours this afternoon just throwing away trash that was all over the room {food wrappers and old homework}. I feel bad for her and embarrassed for JD…
While JD had fun zooming around the go cart track DJ filled a huge garbage bag {it is past my hip!}. She spent 3 more hours here today and things are looking much better. We decided to paint the room as well and picked out colors. Blue walls, grey dresser and bed. I painted late into the night after the girls went to bed.
Camp is winding down. JD now holds all three of the records for hill climbing; dry, wet and Vasa. 4 boys surpassed last years Vasa  record but JD beat it by the most. He is so geeked. I hope this means he will have a great season this year.
DJ and I worked long and hard to get his room ready for today. We painted a huge shoe print on his wall above his bed. I hope he appreciates all the work and keeps it tidy. DJ will do her best to keep him on track.
He was over joyed and thrilled with his room. he was also very tired from a week of running and sleeping on the ground. MJ is sore all over and nursing blisters. 
Hubby can’t remember what was happening when he took this picture but the girls were being their silly selves and he thought it was cute.  In his eyes, almost anything the girls do that they think is funny is okay with him.
These are our “rock on” faces Smile  We went to a Lynyrd Skynrd concert with two other couples that are good friends of ours.  Getting out and enjoying their company is as much of the fun as the events we go to.
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