Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL Week 31


My new tags came in. I changed the orientation so I could sew them from the side instead of the top. The QR code takes you right to my Esty shop.


My new glasses came in today. I have “upgraded” to progressive lens {that is laymen's terms is bifocals}. To soothe my pride I hade Hubby take to Sam’s Pizza for fries. Also for the 1st time I ordered prescription sunglasses as well. I LOVE them as much as I loathe my progressive lens.


We got some bad news today about Pepper. After spending a small fortune to cure her nasty ear infection she now has a infected anal gland. {Vet is not treating it due to amount of antibiotics she has received in the last 3 months with the ear infection}. But the biggest new issue is a lump has formed on her side. If she were younger it would need to be removed ASAP as it is a unpredictable tumor. It could grow super fast and become a major problem or take years to grow.  It is the size of a walnut now and appeared from nowhere.

She is to old for surgery and I doubt she has years to go, it is a less aggressive tumor than Bailey had but its unpredictable make is bad. We just need to keep an eye on it and hope it stays walnut size for awhile.


We {MJ, JD and I } spend the day at Cedar Point with the Fitzy’s plus BH and Lu’s friend. It was a blast! We woke early {4am} to catch the charter bus and arrived back home at 1 am. I struggled to sleep on the bus so I was pooped out by the time we arrived home.

We got poured on the last 3rd of our day there and looked like drown rats, I doubt my shoes will ever be the same again. But we did ride plenty of coaster to satisfy me until next year!


A special order for preemie twins. The little bloomers are super cute and I can’t wait to see pictures of the little tykes in them.


Daddy’s little helpers. Syd helped Hubby push the garbage down the long driveway at 1820 while CJ chatted all the way. She can be a good distraction when she tries.


Relay for Life is becoming a yearly ritual for Dad and CJ.  This year, they were joined by Aunt Carol for a good portion of their time.  CJ walked 6 1/2 miles, a new personal best.  If only that kind of determination were all it took to rid the world of cancer…

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