Sunday, August 25, 2013

PL Week 30


A new purse for me! I finished the Amy Butler Bag Blossom in this fun fabric called “Blossom” of all names! It was a challenge but worth it. I made it as a primer to the Amy Butler Weekender bag that I so want to make….


My “One Line A Day” journal is a nightly ritual now. I am in my second year and it is a hoot to look back at what I was doing last year each day and I can only image what it will be like next year or the year after.


Syd is becoming a daddy’s girl, finally! She took a walk with him this morning to Kroger and she walked the whole way back carrying one of the bags. She was so proud of herself. She is getting to be such a big girl.


Speaking of big girls… MJ is driving now, with adult supervision of course {level one permit}. Our driveway is slightly curved and it gives her fits. I can’t even tell you how long it takes her to back out because of all the pulling forward and reversing we do is mind boggling! She will get it eventually.


Touch ups at 1820. We are soooooo close to being done that is silly!  Our punch list is getting smaller but our spare time is getting smaller as well and we have had a hard time getting up there to work on it. Maybe next month will be better…..


Happy 17th Birthday to JD! Our oldest is almost a man! DJ made him a pan of brownies and made the candles in the number 17. He was thrilled and more than happy that Syd did not attempt to blow out is candles!

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