Thursday, July 18, 2013

PL Week 29 Part 1


We had to say goodbye to our cousin dog and Pepper’s litter mate, Bailey. My brother and his wife made the hard decision to let her rest in peace.

This picture was one from her last visit with us at the beginning of June. Over her 13 plus years we served as her puppy hotel whenever her people traveled.

We have fond memories of sweet cuddly Bailey. We let her sleep on our bed (which was a no no at her house). She would snuggle right up on our pillows with us, her nose at the back of our head. She snored like a freight train right in our ears. She gave the best kisses but you had to be quick to pull away because at the end of the kiss she would nip your ear.

She will be missed greatly. We grieve with you 5 Fitz’s. You guys gave her the best life any puppy could have asked for.


I made a new bag. My Pinterest board for bags is brimming with patterns and tutorials. I love them all but who needs 125 or so bags! Anyone needs a bag made, say for the upcoming gift giving holiday or just because, send me and email? Hint Hint! And if you are friend/family and fancy any of the bags on my board, drop me a line and your Christmas gift wish will be granted.

My latest bag is made from a tutorial from Thread Ridinghood. It is deemed a diaper bag but I have no need to one of those and who does not need a large bag with 6 interior pockets and 2 exterior pockets?

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