Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PL Week 28


Brent picked up a couple free less than  pretty chairs while we were at Grammies over the weekend. I need a few things to stage the G-town house for the sale.  My other option was to drag my furniture up there for who knows how long. Not the best option for sure.

Free is good but ugly is not. So I recovered them and sprayed the legs. At a cost of $20 for the fabric I say not bad as an alternative. Now just a few more things and we will have what looks like a house…


Hanging outside has become a nightly event lately. The older Syd gets the easier these small things become. Well, better yet; the more her speech improves the easier it is to transition from one thing to another like playing outside to bedtime snack.

CJ was a bit over tired and minor things sent her in to meltdowns so our outside time was short lived


Oh my, I knew this day was coming but not sure any of us was really ready for it! MJ started driver’s training this week and today was her first drive.  Talk about a nail biter! She played it cool but I was a bit of a wreck!

I should not have worried though, she did not even get the car up to the speed limit. She is a tad  afraid of the gas pedal and the steering wheel is a bit of a mystery. But the instructor tells me she will get it before the 6th drive is done!


Slurpee walk! And they were holding hands for a brief brief moment and I thought it was photo of the day worthy. They are the best of friends and worst of enemies and that usually changes on a drop of a hat.


PRs were accomplished today! Hubby and Brent both ran their best 5ks. Brent time was 23:43.94, he was 4th in his age group! Hubby was hoping to run it in 21.00  minutes but ran it in in 20:40.04! He place 2nd in his age group. A big high 5 to both of them!

Run Less, Run Faster book it was he has trained by for the last year or so. It looks like it is paying off.


The new office. Hubby moved his office for the second time since we moved in this house.

We thought the basement was the ideal place at first but it turns out that the lack of insulation in the floor of the first level causes the most normal noises to sound like elephants dancing around.

Due to any other good place he opted for the master bedroom. It had a build in desk…. But was has hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Not to mention working early (before 8) or late would disturb Syd or myself. (Syd tends to end up in our bed by morning)

Since Syd in now sleeping in CJ room due to a freezing room in the winter (yes, we have issue with lack of insulation here). So he got the brilliant idea to take it over as his office. The girls are thrilled to have his so close to their room. They decided that they could work right along with him today.

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