Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PL Week 27


For the love all things sparkly! These two are two peas in a pod when it comes to treasures. Hubby was changing his oil and they were hunting treasure in the flower bed. I had dumped an old potted plant out a few years ago and the flat stones were in the bottom of the pot. CJ is convinced that it is long lost treasure.



Cookies and swinging-Two of our favorite things!



Yummy dinner! Grilled turkey burgers, snap peas and smashed red potatoes.



The grand finale of the Country clubs fireworks. We love it- we can sit in our front yard and peer between 2 trees and have a perfect view.

Another perk of living in the city, everything being so close.  In this case, we benefit from our neighbor who lost a big tree the same year we moved in.  Now that the tree is gone, we have a front row view of the fireworks that the Country Club puts on.

We have a close friend of ours whose family comes over to share the evening with us.  Good friends, good fun, priceless!



Super Syd ends up in our bed more than her fair share of nights.  Then, in the morning, when Hubby gets out of bed to get ready for work, she takes over his pillow.  Hubby is not usually a shutter bug, but he thinks its cute how the two of us look while we sleep (almost symmetrical) so he occasionally will snap a picture of us in our “natural beauty”.



The 4th celebration at Grammies was lots of fun. We ate, walked, hung out and chatted. The kids spent most of the day in swimsuits and were wrinkled prunes. A new addition this year was Grammie bought lanterns and the kids got to let them go. They hope is becomes a tradition. 



This is me. I was trying to pay bills and wrangle kids (why is summer all about eating non stop for them?) when somehow I hit a button and I took a picture of myself with the Ipad. Instead of deleting it I kept it just incase it was the only photo taken today and guess what? It was.

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