Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PL Week 25


This little bunny left us a surprise. She made a nest under our kitchen bay window.

How did we discover this nest? Ruby was the first to discover it much to MJ’s horror. Ruby killed 1 baby bunny and was trying for a second when MJ noticed her.

The rest of the “nest” is intact and safe. We now have to let the pooches out the back on a leash! What a silly mother bunny. I can’t believe she could not smell that dogs live here!


A trip to see a new doctor, Dr. Arts. This time it was a surgeon in the same clinic as Dr. Thorne. We were checking out the possibility of reconstructive surgery for Syd’s ear canals.

We left with many things on our minds and much to consider. For now we are doing more research and I need to make some calls.

Hubby had to entertain CJ while we waited. She tend to fell left out with all the attention at these appointments where Syd is the focus.  

06202013 2

Today we hit the spray park with Lu in tow. The girls enjoyed the cold water and then Slurpees followed.

06202013 1

The evening the girls and I played at the park while Hubby and MJ ran but not together!  MJ refuses to run with Hubby or JD, she wants to do it her own way. The girls enjoyed running and playing in the heat but I tried to find a shady spot to sit.


I got my hair done this morning. This time we (the stylist and I) decided an angled bob was the way to go. I LOVE it! And the blonde cover the errant grey hairs that pop out here and there. Shhh… don’t tell anyoneWinking smile 


Hubby’s nephew got married this afternoon and we trooped down state to attend. It was a beautiful wedding and tasty food but the best was Hubby getting to see his family (his brother from CO flew in for the event)

2013-06-22 17.52.35_edited-1

We took tons of pics but this was one of the best of the guys in the family that run. Hubby, JD, Michael and Danny.


We have been traveling a lot this week and today we had an event at the Detroit Zoo. Syd hearing specialist invited us to attend the AG Bell sponsored event called “Hear me roar”. We got to chat with other parents with children with hear disabilities.

It was hot and sticky so we only stuck around to see a few animals before we headed home. We did discover that Cochlear has a band that can have 2 BAHAs attached. We will be making an appointment with the Audiologist ASAP.

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