Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PL Week 24



Faces with Dad – After every run, Hubby goes upstairs to roll out his old, tired muscles.  The girls usually take the opportunity for silly time with Hubby while he’s rolling out.  Normally, they play hide-n-seek (they aren’t good hiders) but tonight they were in the mood to make faces so Hubby started snapping pictures and even joined in on the fun.


CJ graduated from Kindergarten today. She has come so far this year. She was refusing to write or say her alphabet when she started in the fall. But now she writes daily and is reading and spelling a bit. Thank you Mrs. Lyon for turning CJ into a reader!


The last day of school! Oh my, this school year has flown by. So many things have changed in each of them and we could not be prouder of them! We now have a Junior, a Freshman, a 1st grader, and a Young 5. Every year I think “next year will be easier and less chaotic for us” and every year I realize that it has gotten just a bit more chaotic!

They are holding a pic of themselves from the first day of school.


Our youngest is 5! She keeps telling people she is 2, maybe she wants to stay my baby just as much I want her to! She was so bashful when we sang to her but was eager to blow our the candles and open presents.

I can’t believe how far she has come in the last year. She speaks in sentences now instead of one word statements. She has learned to control her frustrations more and scream less. We have so few meltdowns now. She is growing up!

Again this year, we chose to go with a cupcake for each of us instead of a cake that would take a couple days to eat and a few more thousand calories:)



3 Jif lids entertained them for quite awhile this afternoon. It would have been perfect had the dogs not tried to get in on the fun.


Hubby and JD ran a race this morning that is in the Michigan Half Series. If you win your age group you win a free pair of running shoes! And if you gather enough points (points are earned for coming in front of people in your age group) you earn life time entrance to all races put on by this race coordinator.

Hubby had won 2 free pair of running shoes and JD just won his first pair.  Not a bad deal!



Happy Birthday to Little Miss and Little Man! What a great day! Little Miss turned 1 yesterday and Little Man turned 2 just a few weeks ago. Time is flying!

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