Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Hubby thought it would be a great idea to let the girls run through the sprinklers while he tried to fix the  ones that would not shut off. Had I been out there with them, I would have protested.

Syd refused to come in and they were both soaked with no plan of a towel or how they were going to get the soaked clothing off without flashing the neighbors. Not to mention, now every time the automatic sprinklers start they both will want to streak outside to play in them!

But they did have a good time!


This begins the week of Lake 2 Lake 4 Longview. We had shirts made for our team. Team Super Syd!

06262013 4

Our base team members are: Bill and Steve (JDs track coaches and Hubby’s running buddies), Hubby and JD. Hubby’s brother Michael jumped in on Saturday and Bill’s wife, Stephanie ran on Sunday. I was the driver and support crew, though I only had to make one rescue all week!

06282013 1

She is the reason we did this. If you know anything about us, you know that ESA has been Syd’s rebirth. They took our daughter from a near mute and turned her into a outstanding 5 year old. She talks in full sentences now and is eager to help others.


The concept: Teams of runners would run from Ludington to Forestville (Lake Michigan straight across the mitten to Lake Huron) 200+ miles in 5 days. 4 of the guys ran the whole thing themselves! The teams were to raise money for the Longview Early Childhood Project.  Its objective is to converting the Longview Elementary school into a one-stop Early Childhood Center for the city of Midland.

06262013 2

They all met on Wednesday for the official take off.  After a quick team cheer, the teams set off on their own.

06262013 3

Day One- Ludington to Reed City

Steve was our first runner. We chose to run our team members concurrently instead of true relay style. I took the team to spots that Hubby mapped out. And then I turned around and started picking them back up. We were back home just after lunchtime the first day and even earlier the rest of the week.


Day Two- Reed City to Clare. This was an all Rail trail day.  The trails that run through Michigan are really a wonder that more people should take advantage of.  The rail trails are usually well maintained and easy to travel on.  The one from from Reed City to Midland is excellent.  Hubby plans to go back and spend more time running/biking on some of the areas that he didn’t cover this time through.

Day Two was a special day for Hubby as he was able to run through the town of Evart, the town where Grandma G. was born and raised.

06282013 1

Day Three- Clare to Midland

This might have been our best weather of the trip, at least for running.  Mildly overcast and a little sprinkle of rain to cool you off.  It doesn’t get much better Smile

Hubby ran the Clare to Coleman leg today.  He has really enjoyed seeing some of the countryside close up vs. seeing it at 55 mph.

The picture is of the team at the Tridge in Midland.  That isn’t a gang sign they are flashing, it’s the abbreviation for Lake2Lake4Longview.

Friday was also the day for the picnic at Longview.  There was a good turnout and we had a number of folks from G-town come down for it.  We’re very thankful for all of the support from our family and friends Smile



Day Four- Midland to Unionville. All on the road day. The day of my rescue, Steve took a wrong turn and ended up way off course.


Day Five- Unionville to Forestville. This was an all on the road day.  Hubby saw lots of nice farm land today, running 11 miles and then walking another 3-1/2 more.  The weather was sunny and he was soaking up the moment of it being the last day.

06262013 4

This week we drove the van 997.5 miles back and forth across our state. We are all set to do it again next year!

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