Monday, June 17, 2013

PL Week 23


JD and Lily waiting for DJ to stop over.



06052013 2




The dogs are at her beck and call when she has the bones! They are all eager beavers to sit and speak.


After a falling down the stairs earlier this week Bailey has rallied and is perky and playful again. She banged her head and was quite stiff for last two days. This morning she wagged her tail and gave me kisses.


North Country Relay.  This is the 2nd year that Hubby and JD participated in a relay race that covers ~70 miles in a single day (~13 miles/person).  The picture is of the two teams of folks that run together.  The course route is through the woods and trails over by Manistee and Hubby loves every mile of it.


Taking Minnies for a bike ride, well, almost. The Fitz family brought the girls Minnie mouse dolls from Disney and the girls love them. But suddenly Syd has become scared to ride her bike. She posed for the pic and promptly decided to stay home  while we took CJ.  Not sure why, but the last two bike rides we have attempted she refuses to pedal and wants to be pushed along.

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