Monday, June 17, 2013

PL Week 22



Almost done…the deck is done and the pergola is taking shape.  It’s not going to offer as much shade as we initially hoped but it does help to improve the “curb appeal” when you pull up in the driveway.


When is shopping not that fun? Grocery shopping is what comes to mind first off. Then close second is shopping for our project house that we are so ready to be done with! We are down to the detail stuff and this can add up very quickly.


JD’s sophomore track season comes to an end without school records being broken by him or any of the team. The Varsity teams are fast, just not as fast as some of the record holders {some from 1975!}

He has gained an appreciation that next year will being even harder and he will need to step it up in the training department if he is going to fulfill his potential.

Hubby and JD have a training plan to try on him that they are both excited about.


It’s not glamorous but it’s done.  The completed pergola was not as difficult as expected and really does look good from the driveway (honest).  We’ll try to include a picture from the driveway once we get some of the brush trimmed back.


Syd and I hung out with the littlest Fitz this morning. Syd is a hoot with these two, she is like a little mother hen. The favorite game at the moment is racing the wheeled storage cubes around the kitchen-dining room-living room loop.


A day of firsts- Syd asked for Strawberry ice cream when we  went to the Corner House. She has never wanted ice cream and has always turned her nose up when offered bites. Not sure why the sudden change, but it is always good when she is open to new things.

My brother competed his first Alpha Race! He did great and I am so proud of him.


Oh my! MJ is signed up for drivers training! I took her to the high school parking lot and she gave me near whip lash with her starts and stops at first.  Her steering needs a bit of practice. But thankfully that is what they will teach her, along with many other things in drivers training!

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