Monday, May 27, 2013

PL Week 21




I whipped up 4 pairs of Bubble pocket shorts in the last few days. The rainbow pair I sewed before CJ left for school, she picked out the fabric and begged to where them immediately!  I LOVE these short not only are they easy to make they looks super cute on!

The orange pair Syd is modeling was made from the last scraps of the stroller organizer bag I made for my SIL and sippy leashes I had listed on Etsy. Within an hour of finishing the shorts I got an order for sippy leashes made with that exact fabric! I thought no problem, I ran up to Jo-Ann’s to pick up more only to find they were out and would not be getting more in! I had to wait 3 days for the rest of the bolt to arrive from the Essexville store. Now I have plenty for future projects and learn a lesson.


JD ran in the Saginaw Valley Championship track meet. The last meet of the year for him. He ran the 1 mile in 4:40 and the 2 mile in 10:08. He broke no records this year but is running fast and learning how to pace himself better. It was a great season! Now to start XC training….


Marathon prep – you’re looking at Hubby spending hours getting his marathon playlist ready.  Picking the songs to run to, and especially the songs to have playing near the expected finish is a grueling task Smile  By this point, Hubby had 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, and numerous other pieces of running equipment packed for 3-4 days.

The signs were a surprise for Hubby.  He knew I was making them, but he didn’t know what they said.


CJ’s field day.  It was grueling day (ok, an hour) of field events for CJ’s kindergarten classmates.  The weather was nasty (<40 and really windy) but that didn’t dampen the kids spirits.  One of the exciting things was seeing the little girls beat the little boys in the tug of war (2 or 3 different times).


1st marathon completed – Hubby, big brother Michael (3rd from left) and JD’s coaches (BF on the far left; SF on the far right) pose after finishing their runs.  Michael ran the 10K while the rest all ran the marathon (26.2 miles!).  Hubby’s official (gun) time was 3:47:59 while his chip time was 3:46:46.  He hit his target pace on 22 of 26 miles and passed ~300 people in the 2nd 1/2 of the race, including outsprinting a guy in the last 100 meters.  Overall, he was very happy with his performance and looks forward to running even faster next year.


Deck 99% complete – we had a carpenter crew in working on some of the finishing touches at the Kentucky Mansion.  Since they had the time, we had them continue the work we had started on the deck.  They ran out of boards for the last row.  Hubby’s estimating skills are close but not quite on target Smile

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