Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PL Week 19


Another bag made from left over fabrics. Sewing has become a slight addiction for me….


Do you see the person in the back ground? The one the big arrow is pointing to? Well, she was just a student that was at the track working out this evening.

We took the girls with us for Hubby’s training workout. We were walking/running around the track and Syd was so fascinated by this girl! Syd suddenly sat down and started imitating her doing sit ups and doing leg lifts. It was very amusing to watch. 


CJ had her 6 year check up this afternoon. She was putting on a brave face but was very concerned that she might be getting a shot today. No shots were scheduled but she was still worried about it until the doctor confirmed it. Everything checked out; she is health as a horse. She grew 2 inches and gained 2 pounds since last years check-up.


We spent all day at Grammie’s putting on a garage sale. The girls were filthy dirty from playing in the dirt all day. After bath the tub needed a good scrubbing!


The annual 3 MJ’s photo. We started this about 3 years ago and MJ looks forward to it every year. She is less fond of the costumes every year though.


What a busy day! MJ had her dance rehearsal and  recital. JD had an all day track meet. We had a plan but it all fell apart when Syd started to feel sick and I had to bring her home. I spent a lot of time running back and forth to the dance venue while Syd kept telling me her belly hurt. Hubby was stuck at the behind schedule track meet.

All turned out well;  MJ recital went great, JD ran a PR @ 4:34  for the mile and a 10:08 2 mile, Syd never got sick but was a tad sleepy and whiny the whole day.


Happy Mother’s day! We spent the day in G-town. We had brunch at Grammies and swung by Grandma G’s for a visit. Then I had a relaxing evening at home.

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