Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PL Week 18



The girls got new 18” bikes a few weeks ago. They are a tad to big but the 16” ones were just about too small.

This was their first time taking them for an official ride. Up until today Syd refused to leave the drive way without pushing the bike instead of riding it. Before summer ends we will be back to running to keep up with them on our walks.


Finally the weather has cooperated and we are on our 4th track meet. Hopefully this is a trend we can continue.  JD ran the 1 mile in 4:53 and the 2 mile in 10:41. No PRs today but it was a great meet.


Wow! This was a day that CJ has been counting down to for weeks! She turned 6 today!  She worn a special sparkly foam crown to school and felt like she was on top of the world.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl! 


JD PR’ed this evening in the 2 mile! He and his coaches were so very thrilled! He so wants to be below 10 before the seasons ends. I am so glad he is enjoying this moment.


After last night’s meet and working on the deck in G-town JD needed a nap. Thankfully we have an air mattress for just such a situation!



Frick and Frack were content to dig in the dirt while we toiled away on the deck at 1820. Too bad that this will be short lived joy; won’t be long before being outside here will require a bath in bug spray. The mosquitos can get really bad around these parts.


Before the end of the month Hubby will be running his 1st marathon. When the weather is nice I ride along on his training runs. I have an aversion to really cold and really hot, but he runs in every type of weather.

After the marathon he will have a least a 1/2 marathon once a month until winter.

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