Saturday, May 18, 2013

PL Week 17


Having a Hulu Plus account has opened up a past world to Hubby. The show “Life” was on for 2 seasons many years ago and we watched it way back then together. I have an aversion to repeats and refuse to re-watch the series. Hubby has been watching one episode a night and loving it!


My dear scrapping friend, Jacquie, dared me to list my sewing  stuff on Esty. I have had a store front for some years but just have not been eager to stick myself out there. But I took the dare and have listed 3 things so far. I really have been loving sewing lately so we will see where this leads me…

{I have added a store gallery to the side of the blog, currently on the left hand side.}


Little Man loves pancakes and hot dogs. When he is over, those are the 2 things he asks for most. And he loves to eat them at the small table in the living room.



My latest project is waiting for parts to arrive. Sometimes the waiting is hard, but thankfully, the rivets I’m waiting on are not coming from overseas as that would be weeks instead of days of waiting.



Hubby took the day off work and we took Syd to G-town to do deck prep. Syd was a little worker bee, hauling tree branches and just loving the outdoors.

Later in the afternoon JD had a track meet. It was a meet for relays only. The kids love  this meet. Jake ran a 2:07 800.


Hubby and JD worked all day at 1820 setting posts. They had a great day together.

It was finally warm enough to take the girls on a Slurpee walk. So while the boy worked hard, we took a walk.


I can tell you that we have become a lot more relaxed as parents. When JD and MJ were the girls’ age, we would have NEVER let them play with a hammer! But all afternoon Syd whacked away trying to pound this stake into the ground. She was so content to just sit there, it was almost comical!

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