Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PL Week 16


It is nice to see these two getting along. That sounds like something you would say about siblings, not a parent and child. But in all reality JD is a teenager that seems to think we are too hard on him, too controlling and he seems to want to avoid us most days {unless he needs something that is}.

But tonight he sought Hubby out to play checkers and chess with him.  It was a picture worthy event! 


This is been a cruddy track season. With all the rain we have been getting meets have been canceled left and right. But today it was a great day, a bit windy, but still great. It was JD’s 2nd track meet, but should have been the 4th.

JD ran 2 events; 1600 and 3200. He was 3rd in the 1600 with 4.53 and 2 in the 3200 with 10.43.


I volunteered to help out JD’s Fleet Feet coach do some prep work for the Loon’s Pennant Race that is coming up this Saturday {which did get canceled due to flooded streets}.

I folded 840 t-shirts between 1 pm and 4:30 pm  all by myself! The local track teams packed the SWAG bags later that night.


What a busy day! CJ had dance rehearsal right after school this evening.  This is her first year in dance and though she seems to not stay focused while classes are going on she knew she steps pretty well. Recital is on Saturday!


After watching the search for the Boston bombing suspect  most all day on my I-pad {boy did I miss CNN being on my TV} it was nice to sit and relax with  Little Miss.

The girls still swarm around her and Little Man when they visit. Younger cousins are always fun at this age.


CJ was awesome on stage this afternoon. Grammie, Aunt Heather, Little Miss and cousin RH came down to watch her. She felt very special to have them see her dancing. Aunt Heather brought her flowers too, which made her day!  Thanks everybody.


Ta-da - Little Miss’s 1st birthday dress is done! We had a final fitting this afternoon. She liked it and so did her mom. I had such fun making this. I used New Look Kids pattern 0151 and adapted it a bit to make it more Minnie Mouse-ish. She will be adorable while at Disney this June.

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