Sunday, April 21, 2013

PL Week 15



Hubby might have a future as a mailman because neither rain nor snow or any other foul weather can keep him from his running.  He has a training plan for his upcoming marathon and he likes to stick to his routines.  We were having a light cool rain but he was still looking forward to his run.  Today he had me drive out 10 miles from home and drop him off.  A little more than 1-1/2 hours later, he showed back up at home, no worse for the wear.


A new hair cut - a good thing. Weather for my weekend crop in Gaylord – not so good but I will be inside most of the day so maybe not a big deal. An awesome coat {on clearance!} from the local Runners store (hubby’s favorite place to shop) – it is a pretty purple and gray…and like I said it was clearanced!


Getting ready to cut the cable cord…and one final step was to get an antenna to bring in local TV over the air (OTA).  This is so Hubby can still watch NFL games during football season in the fall.

Instead of our old fashioned bunny ears, today’s new fangled antennas are stylish looking and come from government defense contractors.  After some research, Hubby bought the Mohu Leaf Ultimate but it’s not quite as “Ultimate” as expected yet.  Turns out that the amplifier portion of it wasn’t working so it wasn’t bringing in as many channels as it’s supposed to.  A new part is on the way…

The blue screen is actually the TV from the basement.  We had to bring it into the living room to test with the Mohu because our regular TV doesn’t like to search for TV channels from the antenna (software bug).


This is the scene from one of the roads that Hubby likes to run on in the city.  With all of the rain, it’s normal for it to flood.  He was out for a run (in the pouring rain this time) and curiosity got the best of him so he stopped to snap a couple pics of just how high the water was.  Suffice it to say, he wouldn’t be able to run through this and he’s not a swimmer so he had to pick another route to get his miles in.


I am having a good time but the weather is yucky here! It is snowing and blowing non-stop and we have to leave the scrapping room to get to our hotel room {the 2 little lit up triangles in the photo!} But we really only have to go out to twice; once in the morning and again when we want to go to bed, so it is very tolerable.

I have also been struggling with a headache and a sensitive stomach since arriving. I’m just hoping it is not the crud that CJ had!


Hubby doesn’t know what to do with himself while I’m away Smile.  Today was spent testing the Mohu (yes, this is our fancy TV antenna) in various spots in the living room and recording the signal strength results in a spreadsheet to determine optimal placement.  For those who know Hubby’s analytical side, yes, he has to have a spreadsheet for almost everything.  The new signal amplifier part hasn’t arrived yet so Hubby is testing the antenna without the amplifier and getting really good results.  If the new amplifier helps at all, we’ll have no issues getting good reception for all of the local CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX stations.


I’m back home and still feeling icky but the kids were happy to have me home and were eager to look through the pages I completed. That makes my heart happy, to have my 16 year old boy eager to look at the scrapbook pages.  It is just awesome.

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