Thursday, April 18, 2013

PL Week 14

04012013Spring break has officially started. I figured if I filled them with spaghetti maybe they would not be so rambunctious… that did not work. But they did enjoy the eats. 


I took the girls to the Center for the Arts for the Grossology exhibit today. We were there for 45 minutes. We spent about 15 in the Grossology section and most of the that time was spent on the stomach slide. The rest of the time was spent in the music room  banging on drums and watching the fish in the lobby. {I think we could have watched the fish for free}


Hubby, Syd and I spent the night in Ann Arbor to be near the hospital. Tomorrow Syd has to go in for a sedated CT scan and ear exam. She missed CJ but handled the trip great; she even carried her own bag into the hotel. Now I just have to figure out how to remove her earrings without upsetting her….


We can not even explain how much better this experience at Mott’s Children Hospital has been. Syd never fussed once about anything! The staff was so accommodating to her. They brought her bubbles and crayons and let her fall asleep in my arms before wheeling her away to the OR.

Now the results were not what we expected…She does not have full ear canals nor ear drums! We were very surprised about this. The Dr. is not eager to do surgery to correct this, he wants to do the abutments and get her on the BAHA’s. He did say that he is more comfortable with implants procedures than the corrective surgery though.

We think we need to talk with another Dr. that is comfortable with the corrective surgery to get their opinion on whether it would be a good thing for Syd. I need to cross all the t’s and dot the i’s before we make a final decision on this. So today we just have more questions than answers.


We spent the day working at 1820. We are getting closer and closer to getting it done and listing it for sale.


CJ picked up a bug while with the Fitzy’s but I think the Little Miss and Little Man got the worst of it though. She started throwing up early in the morning and by 10 am was done but then the fever started and she felt yucky all day.


Another of the infamous “iPad photos” that Syd takes.  We’re not 100% sure when this was taken but we believe it was right before bedtime.  Syd had already decided she was “sleeping in Momma’s bed” and was playing with the iPad before going to sleep.  While we’re not very good at being firm with her, you can’t help it because her joy is contagious Smile

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