Friday, March 15, 2013

PL Week 9



This is becoming a routine with Syd. Staying up with us and reading in bed until we turn out the lights. and now CJ is coming in every night about midnight as well. We might just have to get a king size bed soon!


Well Hubby wanted to see if we could cut the cord from cable so we got a Roku box. It was suppose to be plug in and go but not for us!  We spent quite a few hours chatting with tech support, rebooting and entering passwords and finally, FINALLY a change of the channel on our Airport fixed it. But changing the channel on the Airport seems to have messed with my external hard drive is not showing up anymore….


MJ now spends as much time in her bedroom on her bed with her phone in hand as she does watching her TV shows. I think this might be just a teenage thing but sometimes I miss having her out with the family.


Time for push-ups! Hubby does push-ups a couple times a week and Syd loves to join in. She has been very much a daddy’s girl when he gets down on the ground to do anything.


Hubby took the afternoon off and we took Syd walking at the mall with us. She was not too bad walking but after lunch she kept stopping and posing like a ballerina. She was quite the entertainer for the other walker/shoppers.


LOAD ended and I had to put the layouts away today. They filled an album! This time around I use a lot of bulky things like flare badges. I may have to reconsider this trendy item with my next round the layouts. I don’t have extra space to store bulky pages.


Tonight I did not even get down the stairs after putting the girls to bed and Syd  fussed to come back downstairs with us. I let her fuss for a bit but CJ was not liking it so I brought her back down to sit with us. Within a half an hour she was sound asleep on the couch. What a little turkey!

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