Sunday, March 3, 2013

PL Week 8


With today being a day off school JD made plans to spend the day at his girlfriend’s house. She picked him up bright and early at 8 AM. About 12 he FaceTimed me to assist him in making French toast. I have to laugh because every time he makes this he has me walk him through it. Maybe this time it will stick…..


MJ braided the girls hair tonight while we walked the mall. CJ normally dislikes braids, not sure it might be just the morning grumpies that caused the dislike though. Syd has never let me play with her hair long enough to braid so I am not sure what MJ did to let them do but that both were excited to show us. {Syd insisted on wearing braids the rest of the week}


Little Man and Little Miss hung out with us for a few hours today. She is eating baby food and drinking milk now. I was feeding her and between every bite she would smile at me; I thought it was super cute!


Thursdays have usually been a night we could not walk at the mall. MJ is out all evening with dance and JD is not into watching the girls. But tonight we braved it and took the girls with us. It was not as difficult as I expected it to be but we really did not get much of a workout in. They are slow walkers and easily distracted. Not sure if it will happen again.


I remember when Syd used to watch TV like this! Tonight she was just showing off and flipping around but I thought it was a photo worthy event.


How to entertain a 4, 5 and 21 month old…. take a peanut butter lid and slide it up and down the hall. It kept them busy for over an hour taking turns zipping back forth. I have never seen Little Man sit so content for so long!


Ahhh, she is asleep in her own bed! I don’t want to hold my breath but this is great. I have not gone to bed without her in weeks! I have never seen a 4 year that required so little sleep. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that is will be the first of many night to come……

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