Sunday, March 31, 2013

PL Week 13


Ruby is one lucky dog today! Lucky that this has never happened before and lucky this was not as bad as it could have been. By the way I consider this our bad thing #3…

What is “this”? Well, Ruby eats nearly everything not nailed down; she is particularly fond of paper products.   Today, MJ got home from school and was outside with Ruby when she noticed that Ruby was having a hard time with a bowel movement. Let’s just say that, on closer inspection, we discovered that there was something that was not coming out on its own and would need a vet to remove it.

The vet got us in right away and she returned pretty quickly to let us know that they removed about 18” of a paper towel wad. Holy moly that is a lot of paper towel to swallow!

I was expecting another whopping bill but surprisingly it cost us less than $50. {on telling my brother this his comment was “Hmmmm it would have been at least $100 for me to do it.” I agree that would not been something I would want to do either for that price, YUCK.} 


This little ugly dog is a coin purse Syd wanted me to make her. {The patterned photo was way cuter.} I was thinking it was going in the trash because it really is homely looking but I got this smile from her when I showed it to her! I guess she loves it, ugly and all. There are not many things I would not do to get my girls to smile like that. 


JD had his first track meet tonight. It was an indoor meet at CMU, the only indoor meet that they will have. He ran only one race this time, the 1600. It is 8 times around the indoor track. He came in 4th overall with a 4:52.64. A great way to start the season!


The kids will have the next 9 days off for spring break. JD will have work and track practice. MJ has plans with her friends to see a movie and take in some shopping. And the girls just want to go back to school for the most part.

I have plans to get more done at 1820.


Things are looking better but I do so miss sleeping in my bed. The couch is where I have been sleeping the last few nights, elevated just so I can breathe.

I have had a cold all week or least I thought it was a cold. But last night it turned into a sinus infection. The whole left side of my face was in pain and blowing my nose made me think my upper teeth would pop out of my head! I went straight to urgent care as soon as they opened, they gave me a steroid shot and some antibiotics.


We celebrated Easter a day early in G-town this afternoon. Coloring eggs, egg hunting, eating and of course visiting with the extended families and Grandparents. I love Little Man’s Smurf fingers!


Happy Easter! The girls are loving the Hello Kitty towels {or capes as they are using them for}  the Easter Bunny brought them as well as the candy and bathing suits. 

I would show you pics of the older two kids but they got woken up to share in the opening of the baskets and then they promptly returned to bed. Ahhh life with teens…

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