Saturday, March 30, 2013

PL Week 12



I been working on these floor cushions for about a week now. Once I got the right foot for for the piping, they went together quickly. I finished one before Syd went to school and she helped me stuff it. {She is becoming my eager little helper.}

While she was at school, I finished the second one and stacked them by the shelving unit. When she got off the bus, she ran straight to them. {Sometimes they are as excited about my finished projects as I am!}

I made two, so each of the girls would have one. As you can see, Syd has other plans for them.

I used the tutorial from Living with Punks.


The iPad returned this morning. It is a new one actually. They replaced it instead of fixing the old one, which is quite alright be me. And you know what, they have yet to charge me for the chat with the technician!

Syd was eager to use it before school but I had to reload it with all the apps and set it up all over again. The girls are acting like all the apps are new again and wanting to play nonstop.


Little Man enjoyed the floor cushion this morning while he was visiting. After this little session of sitting on them, he just carried them around. I can see that these will be enticing to use as stools to reach those off limits things for this little guy.


We have been battling with an ear infection in Pepper for nearly 2 months. After a weeks wait, we got the results back her ear culture.  She has 2 bacterial infections, one not so bad one and the other is resistant to most antibiotics, including the one that we have been giving her the last 2 weeks. This explains a lot.

This one ear infection has cost us about $500 already in office visits and medication. She is 13 and prone to ear infections but none this nasty before. The new meds  have 60-70% chance of fixing it are $200 more.

We had a family discussion about the fact that spending so much on such an old dog  might not be a good idea. We chose to go ahead with the new meds and hope for the best, but if this ear infection returns or this treatment can’t fix it, we may have to make a hard decision.  Hubby took a lot of abuse for being the practical one in the family.


Don’t bad things happen in 3’s? Well here is #2: Hubby was heating up his lunch and the microwave started getting louder and it was not heating his food. He researched the problem and the part that might need replacing will cost more than a new microwave.

So buying a new one makes the most sense but wait… ours is a countertop microwave that is “built-in”. They no longer make this model and finding one that works with the trim kit is rumored to be impossible. The kits cost as much as the microwaves!

We trucked ourselves to Home Depot with the face frame in tow. I was determined to find something that worked, at least I hoped to. They had 2 that looked good with the face frame so we went with the one that we both liked better. And you know what, it worked perfectly {all the screw holes lined up and everything!} with the install kit and it is not even the same manufacturer. The old one was a GE and the new one a LG.



Sometimes it is easy to sit and chat with JD. He is 16 and a half and this is getting rarer all the time. Most days we have to get on him about getting chores done and staying on top of stuff. But it is nice just to sit and chat about things with him, even if it turns into a wrestling match with the dog, who wins every time. {Ruby usually always jumps in the middle of it and a 70 pound dog pouncing and chewing on your arm is never pleasant.}



I have spent the last few days, when I get a few seconds here and there, on PSE tracing bathymetric maps of the Great Lakes and cutting this out. It is 6 sheets of cardstock cut to show the depths of  the Great lakes.

I had thoughts of it being a 16x20 piece for the wall but had no good spot for such a thing. I scaled it down to a 12x12 size that will fit in our albums. Not sure what I’m going to use it for, maybe a background for a LO but that story will have to be strong to stand up to this.

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