Monday, March 18, 2013

PL Week 11


Our back yard looks like a lake! With all the rain we have got in the last few days the snow has almost melted but the ground is not quite ready to absorb all the water just yet. We have been getting flood warnings all day and notices that there are road closings due to being water covered. Yikes!



Hubby flew to Houston early this morning for a meeting. He will return tomorrow before lunch so it will be  very quick trip. Too bad it could not have been an Ipad meeting…. Hubby makes some awesome faces while we chat! This connection was a bit touchy but it is so much better than just a phone call.


My sewing skills are getting tested with all the new projects I’m trying to tackle. I can remember ripping out seams used to cause me such stress. But in the last few years I have noticed that I have been choosing project that stretch my skills and I am learning new things and gain confidence in the process.

One of my current projects (a couple of floor cushions for the girls) really needed a special foot, a piping foot. The zipper foot was just not cutting it! So I did a Google search and located a Ebay seller that had a 1/2” piping foot that will work with my borrowed machine. So while I wait for the foot I un-sew the project.

I also think that maybe the Sick Kick Suitcase would have been easier with a piping foot….maybe I will have to revisit that project….


We tried taking the girls walking at the mall again! They were just not into this time. We had not even made it around once when they collapsed on the bench, too pooped to continue.  Some of it might have been theatrical but they were defiantly not good walkers today. 


I decided to remove Syd’s crib side and make it into a toddler bed finally.  I figured she spends more time in our bed anyways and she will be 5 soon!

It is funny though, when we put her down the first night I told her not to get out of bed and you know what? She talked, she sat up, she leaned way out to reach a toy but she did not get out bed! Well, until 3 in the morning when she woke CJ up and they yelled for me to come get them. {We gated the doorway so they would not wander/fall downstairs in the middle of the night}


Syd is showing us that the Ipad is gone. Yep! Right now it is in Texas on it way to an Apple service center in California.

Syd was playing a game and the sound stopped coming out of the speakers. I spent  time shutting it on and off, reset it and then Googled it. Nothing worked so I spent $19.99 plus tax to chat with a Apple specialist. After a lengthy chat I got a claim number to take it to the UPS Store.

Syd was so sad, she kept asking the UPS clerk if she fixed the Ipad. Hopefully next week we have it back or a replacement and all will be right again.



We spent the morning at Grammie’s while Hubby worked at 1820. It has been awhile since we hung out with Grammie. This girls were their usual rambunctious selves and Grampy had to keep turning up his western.

We got back I worked on the floor cushions with the proper piping foot and it worked beautifully! 

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