Friday, March 15, 2013

PL Week 10


Oh the shots I get to go through on the IPad! Most are not something recognizable or just blurry but just once and awhile I get a little gem.


CJ joined in on the push-up fun this week. Though she only tried it while I took photos after that she was done. But Syd hung with Hubby and played along just like last week. Syd might just turn into a daddy’s girl after all.


It is unusual for JD and DJ to hang out upstairs with the family. They normally hide away in the basement watching movies. The girl’s are glued to her side whenever they are upstairs so I don’t blame JD for wanting to avoid this.


Little Man was investigating the sound he heard in the kitchen. The dishwasher kept him amused for quite some time this morning.


The Herzberg ladies stopped over to deliver the cinnamon rolls we ordered. The girl’s all squeezed unto the couch to watch a old Rugrat’s movie. What fun!

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