Sunday, February 24, 2013

PL Week 7


Somebody is up way past her bedtime. {It will be the theme for this week!} She loves to sit with us, watch TV, and have an after-bedtime snack of a blueberry waffle.

Thinking it was hunger that might be keeping her up I started making sure the girls have a small additional snack before bed, but that did not fix it. She still prefers to stay up with us and sleep in our bed.


I finished a project that was giving me fits, Sidekick suitcase. I made piping for the first time and installed 2 22” zippers, worked with a very stiff stabilizer and sewable interfacing. So many firsts and that could have been the issue. But it is done and my plan to make 2 is probably not going to happen. The girls will just have to share it {insert a small snicker}.


CJ’s normally small tap class was even smaller this afternoon, she was the only student! The other two girls were sick. 


Little miss night owl was playing in the kitchen with her ponies until 10 pm. We took the easy road tonight and let her play; some days I just don’t have the fight left in me by nightfall.


Well CJ has decided that Syd can’t get away with staying up so she fussed until we gave in and let her come back down too. It is Friday so we figure it was no big deal… {this decision will be biting us in the rump all weekend} She thinks our TV shows gave her a reason to be scared to sleep alone. {CJ heard MJ telling us she should not be watching TV will us.}


Instead of going to 1820 to work, we brought parts of 1820 to our basement for the kids to paint. They were not thrilled with this. They got 2 coats on the closet doors in comfort. I say they will be thanking us the next time we force them to go up and work.


What a sad puppy! MJ went to a sleepover and that left Ruby to wonder where she could sleep. Poor thing was just roaming the house looking for MJ. JD took pity on her and let her sleep on his bed.

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