Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PL Week 6



Oh boy, it has taken quite a few weeks of trying to get this photo!

Syd likes to hang out with Hubby while he rolls out after a run. Her favorite part is the game of hide-n-seek they play. While Hubby is rolling out on one side of the bed, he counts to 10. Syd runs around to the other side and ducks down. When Hubby says “Ready or not here I come” he peeks under the bed and says “found you!” and Syd giggles and giggles. They do this repeatedly.

I hear it from downstairs but have not been able to get a picture of this until today.


Syd and I got to watch Little Man and Little Miss this morning. She is always excited to have them around. She was happy to share her table with him but he had to eat his own pancakes; she was not sharing those.


I just thought I would throw in a shot of CJ’s morning. She is loving school and eager to be a big girl. She goes out to the end of the driveway alone {I am glued to the open front door until the bus leaves}. She waits for the ok from the bus driver to cross the road and then climbs aboard. She sits as far back as Kindergartens are allowed and gives me a wave as the bus passes the house. Oh, the simple things!


Tomorrow we have a trip planned….the weather forecast seems to have a wrench for our plans though. I think our trip will be taking longer than we planned. School has been cancelled already, our 2 hour drive will be much longer I’m afraid.

We are taking Syd to see a new doctor at Mott’s Children’s Hospital. We need to talk about what the next step is and see if her hearing has improved. 



We woke at 4:30 am to deep snow (close to a foot?). Hubby had to blow out the driveway just so we could leave. We left at 6:30 am and hoped it would be enough time. We had a messy drive down, we drove slow. The girls were content to watch their video on the way there and on the way back Syd was out most of the way.

The news  from her hearing screening was not what we wanted to hear but what we were prepared for…Her hearing has not changed, she has just gotten better at living with it.

Now the news that we were not expecting… There is a good chance she may never be able to have the surgery to widen her canals like MJ had. In looking at her CT scan from 2010 the doctor has a suspicion that she does not have a full ear canal now, just a pouch.

Bottom line: If she were his child, he would have her use 2 BAHAS fairly quickly so she gets the most from her early schooling. And wait until she is older so she can participate more in the decisions about her hearing and go from there.

We are just hesitant to have her get the BAHA abutments installed in her skull.  It offers the best results possible because the vibrations in her skull result in the clearest sound. However, we are looking for something less permanent, for lack of a better word.

The doctor tells us that Cochlear is coming out with a magnetic BAHA this spring. That just might be what we are looking for. I can’t find any information on this new device via the internet yet, so we will just have to wait and see.

She will be going back over spring break to get her ears cleaned out and another CT scan all while under anesthesia. From there we hope to have a clearer idea of where we can go.


What I have been up to this week {aside from being a mom and taxi}… sewing and scrapbooking. I however have not been cleaning the house and it is getting out of hand. If I don’t start soon, the fur balls are threating to take over.



I finally broke down and got the girl’s Valentines ready to go. I have been putting it off because CJ had to hand write all the To’s and From’s herself. I was thinking it would be a long process of her having a fit but I was so wrong. She was eager to sit and write out every one, no complaints and no problems. How far we have come!

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