Monday, February 4, 2013

PL Week 5


It’s a snow day! The kids just got an extra day off added to their 4 day weekend!

JD was woke up early to shovel the walk and drive for Grammie’s visit. As a bonus she brought my nephew that is JD’s age. They got to go sledding with JD’s girlfriend and her sister while Grammie and I ran errands.


The sewing bug has nestled in good this time around. I have been sewing and making a mess on the dining room table since the weekend.

I can’t think of a better way to spend this rainy day. Thankfully the kids are back in school and I can sew without much interruption.


Yesterday’s day long rain has left us snowless yet again. Aside from the tiny mounds of snow here and there the snow has melted away. The ground is soaked and mushy but the air is still cold. Ugh, I can’t wait for spring!



We have resorted to dragging Pepper upstairs, {and I do mean dragging; she is scared of the stairs}. In order to get her to stop barking all night we are making her sleep with us. We are not sure why she is barking at night but it was keeping us awake {Hubby fears she is loosing her marbles}. I think is may just be she is half blind and half deaf and the dark house make her uneasy.

So far it has worked, she is sleeping soundly through the night as are we. But I have had to carry her down the stairs in the mornings, I am not liking that part at all.


Taken from Hubby’s Facebook page-

Running late for a 7 am mtg... turned into work from home day... turned into lunch with the Super Syd... No complaints about that.


This week I have sewed and sewed. Here is the fruits of my labor. I did make a couple larger divided baskets but I need to rework them yet. I think I have figured out the best way to make these Zipper Pouches though, now I just need to get cranking if I want to list them on Etsy.


We had a birthday lunch at Grammie’s this afternoon. Heather made a very tall (7”) cake with poke-a-dots in it. You can just see the orange circle in the cut piece. It was yummy.

We then spent the evening at our friend’s house for a Super Bowl party. We are so far off our calorie counts is is not funny. Tomorrow we need to be extra good!

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