Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 2 & 3


Week 2

This year I have changed how my weeks look in the album. Instead of going across the 2 page spread from left to right; I’m keeping the sides separated. Right side the 7th-9th and left side 10-13. The journaling card correspond with the photo above or below respectively  

2013-01-21 14.21.06

My photo printing set-up  needs to be tweaked. Printing at Wal-mart is leaving my photos much darker that they appear on my pc screen. I will try to calibrate my monitor again but I think it is Wal-mart’s machine this time.

2013-01-21 14.21.19

2013-01-21 14.21.29

This week I have used Cathy Z’s tiny templates for some of the 2x3 spaces. I also use these free tiny templates for 4x6 space occasionally.

Week 3

2013-01-21 14.20.17


2013-01-21 14.20.26

I added washi tape the the top left 4x6 slot to cover the reflection and the feet of someone coming down the hall.

2013-01-21 14.20.37

The bottom right 4x6 slot is Iphone screen shots of Hubby’s and mine Fit Bit app. It shows our steps for Sunday. I have used washi tape to fill the gaps on either side to fill the 4x6 space.

You can find links to all the journaling cards I have used and more in my Pinterest board here.

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