Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Framed Chalkboard on my front steps

As I was going through my photos and blog post looking for  things for my “what I made in 2012” post, I discovered that my favorite project never made it to the blog!  So here it is---

I saw a pin on Pinterest {that is how most of my project start anymore!} Here is the link.

2013-01-08 08.20

I got the chalkboard from Home Depot {they had just started carry them in my area, the guy said I was the first to buy one!} Trim and a 1/2” thick piece of MDF to glue the chalkboard to so it was stiffer. The MDF was in the same place as the chalkboard, I just had to trim it slightly.

It is 26”x51” finished and I have it just leaning against brick wall on my covered front steps. The one on Pinterest was hung but the weigh of it scared me a bit. It was been leaning there for a bout a month now without an issue.

I used PSE10 to arrange my graphics. I used the saying from our Christmas cards {We wish you a Merry Christmas, I just loved the font and the shape it was in} The rest is just brushes and fonts from Dafont.com. I printed it on to 2 overhead ink jet transparency and used an over head projector. I traced the outlines in a hour or so and took a few days to color it in.  

I used a  Chalk Ink wet wipe marker in white. I had to order from Amazon as I could not locate it around here. Michael’s and Staples had never even heard of Chalk Ink!

I originally  thought it would be great to do a seasonal board throughout the year, but I really LOVE this one and hate the thought of erasing it and redrawing it next year.

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