Sunday, January 27, 2013

PL Week 4



Where have I been these last few years? How I have not been watching Downton Abbey?

Actually I have heard of it but never thought it was something I would be interested in. I was so WRONG!

I watched season 1 on Monday, watched season 2 Tuesday-Thursday and now I am watching season 3. It is like an obsession. Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, is my favorite. Her expressions and quick wit make me laugh.

If you have not been hooked yet give them a try. You can watch them here for free but  they are not in HD. Or you can purchase and download episodes  from Amazon or Itunes. The current season can be viewed on the PBS App for free as well.


I made the mistake of commenting to JD that he could be model, {he looked a bit GQ to me today}. It did not take him long to start posing and hamming it up {not that is unusually for him}.

He suddenly loves Chinos and this jacket we picked up at Pacsun’s store closing for $17!


It has been so cold for us these last few days. We have taken to walking at the mall, though Hubby would still walk outside in this weather. I on the other hand would prefer to walk in the mall no matter the weather; it is climate controlled and has things to look at all the time, not to mention a food court.


Happy Birthday to Grammie!

Everybody was happy today! 3 of 4 kids had a no school day {the start of a 4 day weekend}, Syd still had school but she was thrilled to leave the house. MJ made chocolate chips cookies that lasted a mere 24 hours  {Hey I thought we were watching what we ate around here….}. And I got my hair cut and highlights spruced up.


We toiled at 1820 today, mostly painting. The kids dislike these days but it has to get finished to sell it. The kitchen is almost done, the cabinets are painted {finally}. Now just more painting {trim, doors and room retouching} and a great big clean-up. It has been a 9 year project and has 9 years of work stuff laying around.


I got back to sewing today. Hubby went back to 1820 for the day and I got to finish this project. A Divided Fabric Basket, great to hold diapers or toys. This one is for a baby shower gift but I am so impressed at how great this looks I have decided to list a few on Etsy. I just have to sit down and make a few more to listSmile 

This awesome Divided Basket Pattern by Noodle-Head can be found here. Now I need to learn how to make larger baskets…..


Okay the sewing bug has bitten me and I used the scraps from the basket yesterday and made a Diaper Pouch.  The tutorial I used is from here. I’m thinking these would be a good item to list on Esty as well. I guess I need to get busy.

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