Sunday, January 20, 2013

PL Week 3



This week has been rough on Pepper. We are afraid it is the start of a steep decline. She has started dropping stools and even peed in the house with all of us standing there in the kitchen.

She is 12.5 but, despite her age, and up until this week, she was doing fine. She has been having a harder time on the hardwood floors keeping her footing. I also think she is half blind and half deaf.  Let’s hope the rest of the winter is kind to her.


JD is always a ham when a camera comes out. I think the wink is his signature look. 


The art table has been a great gift for the girls so far. They spend most of the day here drawing, playing or eating.

The iPad camera has been a joy to Syd. She takes photos of anything and everything. Today it was the markers and her drawing.

She follows me nearly everywhere carrying around the iPad, including the bathroom… I have had to delete many pictures that are not fit for anyone's eyes! When I take a shower I make sure she is playing a game that is loud so I can hear it and be sure she is not taking my picture…. The joys of technology in the hands of 4 year old.


Syd was excited today to see it snowing. She even wanted to wear her snow pants to school.


MJ’s theater class put on a play “Murder most fowl”. They wrote it and have been working on it all semester. They learned everything from lighting and sound to make-up and performing.

I was very impressed with their performance. What I found most impressive is that everybody on stage was busy (staying in character) even when they were not in the spotlight. What a great way to end the semester!


I was at a day crop with my friends.  I did not even get in 3,000 steps in but I did finish 8 layouts. 5 of them were started at the last crop but were in different stages of completion. Sometimes the mojo just is not there…

Hubby stayed home with the kids. About mid-morning I get a Facebook alert: Hubby posted the above photo with this statement: “No more FB for a while, I've been attacked by Frick and Frack...”


Hubby has been craving Chocolate lately and Syd’s teacher has been craving sweets in general; so I thought I would whip up a tasty treat for them to enjoy. At 40 calories each, the little treat is not going to kill your diet…that is if you can stop at just 2.

We will see if Syd’s teacher enjoys them tomorrow but for today Hubby gets to test his will to eat just a few and not the whole container.

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