Sunday, January 13, 2013

PL Week 2



Today everyone was back to the grind. Some transitioned better than others. CJ was a tad cranky after school, {got to get her back on the school schedule} going to bed was easy for her. But Syd was not having any of that, she was eager to spend the evening with us watching TV in the basement. She took this photo with the iPad. We all look too happy for 10 PM!

01082013 2

This is why moving the scrapbooks upstairs was a great idea. The girls have been flipping through their books and laughing at times remembered. It is great listening to them show each other what is in their albums. They are showing me the pages like I have never seen them before!

Hubby note:  CJ was describing one of the pictures of herself to me by saying “back when I was a baby with a big head” {translation:  she had a very, very plump baby face}.


The new hang out spot for the girls is the room they are now sharing. Whenever they are not in the living room playing, they can be found up here. They haul toys to and fro. Hubby thinks it is the carpet that they are drawn too but I think it is the fact that it is their space.


We are on the “stay healthy” path again this year. Some of us strayed and the holidays have caused our clothing to shrink just a bit.

We {Hubby, MJ and I} have got Fit Bits this week in order to stay accountable to our goals. Hubby and I have the Fit Bit One and MJ has the Fit Bit Zip.

In conjunction with the Fit Bits, their app and My Fitness Pal app we are keeping track of steps and our calorie intake and everything is syncing via Bluetooth.

In order to sweeten the pot for MJ we have made an incentive plan for her. Every day that she gets 10,000 steps, she earns a $1. We will put that $1 in a jar and, at the end of the year, she will get whatever is in the jar. MJ does not have the best eating habits. She is a very picky eater; vegetable is a four letter word in her eyes. We were afraid that these bad habits would come back to haunt her if she does not nip them in the bud ASAP.

We got the idea because our health insurance company has started an incentive program for us: log 30 minutes of activity a day, earn 1 point that can be turned into gift cards and merchandise.  Hubby likes these types of contests Smile


Today was just Syd and I. We took lunch to Hubby {He was working in town}. On the way back I turned to look at Syd and she was watching her video, legs crossed, drinking her pink Icee. Priceless!

Just before the kids got home, we folded laundry. She was pulling things out and telling me whose they were. She even helped me put the stuff away.  She’s getting to be quite the little helper.


These two can’t get enough of Little Miss. They both argue over who gets to hold her and sit next to her. Syd likes to rub her head and then we tell her to stop petting her like a dog and the girls laugh. When Little Missy fell asleep, Syd and Little Man Chased each other around the house until both were squealing.  Good times!


MJ and I made use of my Planet Fitness membership this afternoon. She reached her goal today and got more than 10,000 steps logged and $1 on her jar.


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