Sunday, January 6, 2013

PL Week 1



After  staying up until past midnight last night the girls were pretty tuckered out come mid afternoon they both were snoozing on the couches.


After spending all day at 1820 painting, we were eager to get home and relax. We arrived home to a few boxes on our porch {Otter boxes arrived, yay} and a couple cards from Aunt Carol. Aunt Carol sent the girls Discover gift cards with their names on them. They look just like a credit card! And CJ was thrilled to have a real card with her name on it.

They wanted sparkly slippers and more Magic Clip Princess stuff. They are true girly girls! Thank you Aunt Carol!


MJ had a friend over for the night. They did all the normal stuff teen girls do at a sleep over: hair, make-up, movies, junk food and cupcake making! While Hubby and I were watching Hope Springs {good movie} the girls baked. This was the result, they look yummy don’t they! Ehem.


MJ and her friend stayed up very late last night. After finishing the cupcakes, they watched more movies and chatted.

This is what I woke to. They forgot to clean-up after themselves. What a mess! Every counter had frosting splatters. Even the stove coils had frosting on them. I was not a happy momma!


I walked into the living this evening to find Syd with CJ’s headphones and her iPod.

Two things struck me:

1-With Syd’s hearing issues, was she really listening to the music or just emulating her sister?

2-I got a flash of an image in my head of myself with my Uncle’s oversized headphones on.

I dug around and found the photo. The back says “Melinda 2 1/2 1974 with Larry’s tape player”.

I wonder what I was listening to. Syd was listening to Cotton Eyed Joe by Crazy Frog.



Today is the last day of Christmas break for Hubby and the kids. Tomorrow our world returns to the normal stuff like work, school and errands. No more sleeping in and wearing PJs until dinner time.

MJ is soaking up every last second of the down time that is left. She has been squirreled away in her room reading and playing games on her phone most of the day.

I will post the PL Layout next week sometime, after I print pictures and complete the layout.

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