Thursday, December 13, 2012

365/348 Ready to go

All the Bon Bons are made and boxed. There are approximately 1,272 Bon bons sitting on my table! That is a lot of dipping! I have never counted them up like this before. It is amazing to me just how many I make each year. Thank goodness we have a second fridge.

This year these 35 containers are going to teaching staff, bus drivers, neighbors and friends. I had one neighbor ask me this fall if he was on the list to get some this year because he really enjoyed them. He is getting an extra large batch; flattery will get you every where! Smile

I love making them but I’m also glad when I get to this stage and I’m done dipping and they are ready to get delivered. I now have an extra surprise to finish for the girls before Christmas morning…


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