Monday, November 26, 2012

365/331 Oh My, this could be it!

Syd teachers at ESA have a plan. They are going to assist in potty training her! {I so love this plan!}

Okay here is their plan: Send her to school with many changes of clothing including underwear and they will try to get her to potty like a big girl. When they unfolded this plan to me last week, I was giddy but very reserved; Syd has a very stubborn streak and avoiding potty training has been her stand so far.

We decided to start this after the Thanksgiving break. So today I sent her to school with my fingers crossed, 5 spare outfits, a bag for the wet clothes and pull-ups to come home in.

I was nervous all afternoon and paced the floor until her bus arrived. She had different clothes on but I excepted that. She was happy {good sign} and offered her backpack up for me to go through. In it I found 3 wet outfits and a note. “After a few accidents she peed in the potty! We all did a happy dance!” YES! The 1st time ever she peed on the potty!

While I was reading this note and doing a happy dance of my own I noticed Syd fidgeting and pulling at her pull-up. I rushed her upstairs, she was not happy and fussed like usually but I sat her down and started reading book after book until she relaxed. And finally she peed. But not again for the rest of the night {she is a stubborn one.}

She gets that from her mother Smile (Hubby’s comment)


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