Thursday, November 22, 2012

365/327 Happy Thanksgiving one and all

We had a great day with our families. Besides the great meal and desserts here are some other highlights of our day….


1. JD had a busy day driving from his grandparent’s houses and then to DJs grandparent's houses. He arrived home at nearly 10 pm after getting lost in G-town in the dark needing gas.

2. Syd was sporting her turkey hat she made this week at school but as we left our house she was complaining {1st time ever} of a belly ache. Oh no!

3. We had an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving that allowed us to take a walk around the circle after dinner. Normally the last walk we take at a get together at Grammie’s is Labor Day weekend.

4.At least one of these girls were excited about this first! Syd was super eager to hold Little Miss despite her unhappiness.

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