Tuesday, November 13, 2012

365/318 Pre-lit pain

Our tree is going on it’s 4th year. On year 2 a few lights were out and I added extra to fill the gaps. But this year it is just sad. I bought  a pre-lit tree so I could save time but this tree is not saving me time anymore. I have it set up early just so we can work on the lighting problems before the season gets underway instead of being in a rush and not fixing them.

So far we are losing the battle and it is looking like I will just have to add lights to get the look I want. I was waging a losing battle with Hubby on just getting a new tree but he made a good point; what are we going to do when we spend $300 on a new pre-lit tree and in few years the lights go out on it. He wants to buy a new tree too but an un-lit one, which are very hard to come by now a days. The solution will have to come another day.

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