Sunday, November 11, 2012

365/316 On the “Nice list”

I have had a bit if an obsession lately{or so Hubby thinks} with
These two Hope College boys started this last year. They have two of Santa’s “backup” reindeer housed in Caledonia, MI or the North Pole if you wish.  The Elves and Santa feed them on a regular schedule and it is all streamed live 24 hours a day for the world to see. The girls love it and I have been known to watch even after they stop.

If you write a letter to Santa or donate to the Feed the Reindeer fund you can get your name {or child’s name} displayed on the “Nice List”. CJ loves to see her name scroll across. It is such a great thing these boys have done. Now I’m off to watch the reindeer…..

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