Saturday, November 10, 2012

365/315 Father vs. Son–Round 2

Post by hubby:

Last year, JD ran his 1st ever half marathon in order to get extra credit for school.  He was more than confident that he could beat an old guy like me, regardless of the distance.  Long story short, age and cunning won out over youth and ego.

Fast forward 1 year and he’s ready to run the same race again for extra credit.  This year, he’s a year older and a little more mature.  He listens to his wiser (but slower) father, runs a moderate pace for the 1st part of the race and then leaves me in his dust in the 2nd half of the race.

I am proud to see how well he did, how he was able to demonstrate the discipline to not go out too fast, and especially that he managed to take some guidance from me for once.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life that he could avoid if he would just listen a little more.

I think every parent enjoys the moments when they can see that their kids are making better choices than they did at that age.


Photo taken from Michigan Half Series Facebook page.

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